Sep 4
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Here is BlackBerry 10 on a L Series BlackBerry. Four photos. First thing you will notice is that the device we see in the photograph, is not in English, but dont worry, we have a translator on it already! After that you may notice the form on the device; the hardware. It looks pretty similar to to photo posted months ago.

Do you like this design? We were hoping for more color in the hardware. RIM had said previously that BlackBerry 10 would be coming in a refreshing, new color, never before seen on a BlackBerry. We think there’s a possibility that the top plate, above the speaker, as well as the bottom plate, may come in different colors.

As for the software, we’ve seen a lot of aqua blue sliders and scroll bars, grey buttons and black settings menues in apps. We’ve also see the green you find here, on, in the software as well. It pops up on all the BlackBerry Dev Blog photos and so we think there’s going to be some theme options available to customize your BlackBerry to your preferences. has confirmed this.

“Users will be able to select a light or dark ‘skin’ with some gray areas in between. According to the leaked documents we showed, RIM intends to promote a more dark theme to conserve battery life.” So we can expect a White and Black Theme coming stock on BlackBerry 10 phones.

Also in one of the photos, you’ll see it states the storage on the device to be 16gb. Do you think you’d buy the 16gb version?

Another revealing part of these photos is on the homescreen shot, you’ll see at the bottom of the screen there are what look to be tab like dots. The two tabs to the left of the current page look to be the live-window view, and then a message icon. We’re not sure exactly how the user interface will work with the messages being on the far left of the bar of tabs at the bottom.

As soon as we get a new video of the interface on the nearly final hardware and software, we’ll share it with all of you and await your feedback!

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